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Be honest – did you know that Luxembourg produces white wines that can be considered among the finest in the world? Neither did we, until we stumbled on this unique white blend from this gorgeous…yet tiny…country. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised though, looking at Luxembourg on a map it starts to make sense – straddling the line between white wine powerhouses Alsace and Germany, Luxembourg’s vineyards rival the best of what those old world stalwarts can produce. The styles are the same – electric, vibrant, tension-filled wines buzzing with energy and offering a surprising impact on the palate at a relatively low alcohol percentage.


Small in size but big in impact, Luxembourg’s wine industry is producing whites that are hyper fresh and super elegant. Raisin the Bar features an orchard fruit flavor profile, mineral complexity and lively acidity that will have you rethinking what truly defines a classic wine region – it’s not size, it’s location, location, location!




Luxembourg may not be the first place that comes to mind for fine wine - but that doesn’t mean this tiny country can’t compete with the world’s best.  Vineyards have always been present here, and wine is an integral part of the local culture. Until recently, almost all of the country’s vinous treasures have been consumed locally, but a new generation of vignerons are eager to show to the rest of the world what they have known for countless generations – Luxembourg is producing wines that compete extremely favorably on the world's stage!


Luxembourg’s whites are the ultimate wines for those who value elegance over power in search of a harmonious wine for the dinner table, one that works well with just about anything coming out of the kitchen. Ceviche, sushi and lightly-seared scallops would work particularly well, but Raisin the Bar is truly put into its proper pairing context with a hunk of young, fresh goat cheese.

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