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Without a doubt, the most effective tool that any winemaker has in their vinous kit is the power of blending. But, just like a hammer is useless without nails, the right raw materials make all the difference. While Spain is mostly known for its reds, did you know that a white grape is actually the country’s most planted variety? Spaniards love a fresh, bright, thirst quenching white wine to pair with the country’s hot temperatures and spicy tapas, and Dia Festivo fits the bill with opulent fruit, a caressing mouthfeel and great generosity of sabor!


Every day with a glass of Dia Festivo is…well…a festival! As it hits your palate and its abundant stone fruit and fresh verbena notes glide along to it’s creamy, vanilla-tinged crescendo of a finish, the essence still lingers and you can taste Dia Festivo’s seductive fruitiness long after the last sip has been consumed.




Dia Festivo is custom blended every vintage, and in this way the wine is ever changing and alive, adapting to its unique place and time. 2021 was what winemakers describe as a balanced vintage, and a welcome break from the string of increasingly hotter growing seasons that preceeded it. The results are white wines that are surprisingly lithe and elegant, with brisk acidity and classical flavor profiles. The future is now for Spanish white wines, and the recent attention given to them by the country’s winemakers is resulting in exciting, modern, fresh and lively blends like Dia Festivo. Yet despite all of this progress – one thing never changes. In Spain every day is a party, and with Dia Festivo in your glass, yours will be as well.


Dia Festivo is perfectly adapted to drink with a wide variety of cuisine, so in that sense, you can’t really go wrong! However, if you want the pairing to truly shine, try it with Roast halibut, white meat chicken, mushroom risotto or a creamy cheese such as Brie or Camembert.

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